Dhauladhar Round Trek

Route No - 1: Triund, Ilaka, Guna and back to Mcleodganj

Day 1: Mcleodganj - Triund - 8 k.m This is a well defined and an easy trek which through Dhararmkot and Galu Temple to Triund This is one the best Trekking route which gains a height of about 1000 mts. Triund is also known as the base for the trekkers who take on the route over INDRAHAR pass to Bharmour.
Day 2: Triund - Indrahar pass 4320 mtr. Back to Ilaka got a beautiful trekking trail. There is trekkers hunt at Hakagot which can be used for an overnight stay Inderhara pass is between moon peak and camel peak. You can see the kailashpeak [height- 5656] from this pass. Same way back to Ilaka got.
Day 3: Ilaka got - Guna Temple (2310mt) from another route. l3 k.m. This trek passes through a dense forest of mixed variety leopards and bears are often sighted as they abound in these forest. At Guna Temple there is a small temple of kali and place to stay where water and electricity is available.
Day 4: Guna Temple - Mcleodganj - 7 k.m. After breakfast we will start to Mcleodganj via Galu Temple.
Route No - 2: 4 Days Trek - Kareri, Guna, Triund, Mcleodganj

Route No - 3: 4 Days Trek to Nag Dal lake.

Note - This Trek is only possible from June to November