Himalayan Home stay - Spiti Valley

The Lahaul – Spiti is wide spreading tribal district of Himchal Pradesh. This district is divided in two valleys, one Lahaul has administrative headquarter at Keylong, which is 115 km away from Manali, secondly Spiti valley has sub administrative headquarter at Kaza, which is 200 km away from Manali. Both valleys are in opposite directions and geographically differ from each others, as you enter into this particular district.

Spiti valley is the most visited part of this particular district. It has like a kind of moon landscape. The valley is full of barren and wind-shaped standing sand dunes, pretends itself as a ruined fort or palace, as a part of history. The tourist / visitors are welcomed warmly by the local folks. The main religion of this part is Buddhism, therefore, you will find a lot of monasteries in all over valley, one of the important is TABO Monastery, A World Heritage Site, which is older over 1014 yrs.

Day 1: Drive from Manali to Chandertal Lake Altitude 4270mtss Acrossing over Rohtang La Pass, entering into the Lahoul-Spiti Valley, driving along the Chandra River, passing through Chotta-Dara & Batal (small halt stations on the way). Then taking off the road to Chandertal Lake. Pitching Camp Tent beside the Chandertal Lake, also called “Moon Lake”. Dinner at Camp, beside the Moon Lake. Camp
Day 2: Chandertal to Kaza Altitude 3686mts After b/f drive to Kaza over Kunzum -La (4551m) enters the first Spiti village Losar (4079) o/n Hotel dinner, stay at the hotel duration of time 4-5 hrs.
Day 3: Kaza - Langza. Mode of Transport: Taxi/Bus Duration: 1 Hour. Altitude (Kaza: 3686 mts)(Langza: 4400 mts) Travel to Langza from Kaza involves a journey on one of the world’s highest motorable roads .Gradual ascent through a small plateau and alpine pasture. A short distance beyond Gete Village (4400m) climb up for 1 hour, en route you get to see some fossils.Spiti is a living museum for geologists. Step down to the Shilla River, cross it and ascend towards Langza village. Watch out for the beautiful view of Shilla Peak. Overnight stay, dinner at the village home Visit the Langza monastery situated above.
Day 4: Langcha to Komic (Duration: 5 to 6 Hours) Altitude (Langza: 4400mts) (Komik: 4513mts) An easy half days walk from Langcha is Komic, famous for its monastery. On the walk you will pass the ruins of the last monastery, destroyed almost completely in an earthquake in 1971. Komic is one of the principle monasteries of Spiti and home to an unlikely guest - the stuffed remains of a snow leopard who wandered into the village many years ago and who, after gorging himself on a farmer’s flock of sheep, fell asleep never to wake up as the frightened farmer killed the unfortunate creature. Now he hangs at the entrance to the monastery, a reminder of the need for finding a balance between the needs of human and wildlife in the harsh terrains of the high altitude Himalayas. Overnight stay, dinner at the village home of Komic
Day 5: Komic to Dhemul (Duration: 6 to 7 Hours) Altitude (Komic: 4513mts) (Demul: 4357mts) The walk from Komic to Dhemul takes you along the edge of the higher plateau overlooking the silvery Spiti River as it snakes through the valley far below. Straight across from you, you will see the endless rows of steep, sparsely populated mountains of the Trans-Himalaya and far away Tibet. Overnight stay, dinner at the village home of Dhemul.
Day 6: Dhemul to Lalung (Duration: 4 to 5 Hours) Altitude (Demul: 4357mts)( Lhalung: 3758mts) Today you come down from the high plateau and it is a nice downhill trek into the Lingti Valley. The Lingti River originates in Tibet and passes through the beautiful village of Lalung. The Lalung Monastery is famous for its statue of the Three Cornered Buddha, made with three sides to symbolize the Buddha looking in all directions at once. Legend has it that Rinchen Zangpo planted a willow tree in the soil above the village 1000 years ago and instructed the locals that should the tree survive, they must found a monastery. Today, in front of the 10th century monastery sits an ancient, gnarled and revered willow tree. Overnight stay, dinner at the village home of Lalung.
Day 7: Lalung to Dhankar (Duration: 4 to 5 Hours) Altitude (Lhalung: 3758mts) (Dhankar: 3890 mts) Today we will have to walk to the mouth of the Lingti Valley and from there turn right back in the direction of Kaza. We will climb from the valley floor to Dhankar fortress high above. From our home stay located at the highest point in the village you will get fantastic views of the entrance to Pin Valley. Overnight stay, dinner at the village home of Dhankhar
Day 8: Dhankar to Tabo Altitude 3050mts After breakfast explore Dhankar its Disciple and teacher Rinchentsang-po in 9,96 A.D founded this Monastery. This complex having nine temples, 23 chortens. The Tabo Gompa, renowned for its breathtaking murals and stucco images and is often called “The Ajanta of Himalayas". Situated on the right of Spiti River, flanked on either side by lofty hills brown and sun burnt. Intrans Himalayan Buddhism, Tabo sanctity is next only to Tibet Tholing Gompa. Altitude (3050m). Overnight stay, Hotel
Day 9: Tabo to Manali: Drive back to Manali it road over Kunzam & Rohtang Pass Duration: 10-11 hrs. 250km

Morning time after breakfast drive back to Manali same route.

Tour end with sweet memories.